10, 15, & 20% LIQUID ZINC

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10% Zinc Complex Label

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Nulex Liquid Zinc is the most modern and effective way to prevent zinc deficiency and maximize yields.


Nulex Liquid Zinc is a clear liquid product designed to blend directly into liquid fertilizers, suspensions, and irrigation systems without agitation or premixing. Nulex can be stored in mild steel tanks at temperatures as low as 10°F.


Nulex Liquid Zinc is most effective when added to a liquid starter banded next to the seed at planting–or it can be applied broadcast or with irrigation water. Nulex will help prevent zinc deficiency in all crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, potatoes, sugar beets, rice, fruits and vegetables.


Nulex Liquid Zinc is as effective as chelates. Research data reveals that plant uptake of Nulex is as good as EDTA chelates. Claims of "higher availability" made by chelate manufacturers are based on economics not agronomics.

Environmentally Friendly

Nulex is 100% water soluble which allows for maximum plant uptake. Nulex contains virtually no heavy metals or other impurities.

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