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Chelate 9 Label

Nulex EDTA Chelate 9 is a fully chelated liquid zinc source. The molecular structure in EDTA chelates protects zinc from “tie-up” in the soil and makes the micronutrient available to plants and ensures maximum effectiveness. Nulex EDTA Chelate 9 is compatible with all types of fertilizers including 100% orthophosphate products, many herbicides and insecticides, and water.

Maximum Efficiency

  • Resists soil fixation
  • May be absorbed through both roots and foliage
  • Remains available longer into the growing season
  • Reduces chemical reactions between nutrients and other tank mix components

Easy Handling & Application

  • Compatible with most fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides
  • Versatility as a starter, foliar application, or fertigation
  • pH-neutral and safe on equipment
  • Can be stored at low temperatures

America’s Best Selling Liquid Zinc

Since 1971